Cultural Input in New Zealand

Developments for Māori Incredible Years


Since May 2011, The Werry Centre has been developing a series of programme enhancements for Māori to support the delivery of The Incredible Years (IY) programme to whānau.  This development has been informed by a consultation process to ensure a partnership model is maintained between kaimahi Māori, the Werry Centre and The Incredible Years developer, Carolyn Webster-Stratton.   All programme enhancements are consistent with programme fidelity.


Consultation Process

Extensive consultation with tangata whenua has occurred to ensure wide representation including consultation with :

  • Maori Advisory Group (The Werry Centre)
  • IY Māori Working Group
  • Kaumātua and Kuia
  • Experienced Māori IY parent group leaders  - as part of the annual Incredible Years Hui for Māori Group Leaders (2009 – 2013)


Resources and Programme Enhancements

DVD  - featuring the experiences of Māori parents of being in an IY group and Māori group leaders talking about their delivery of the programme to Māori

Brochure - introducing the IY Resources for Maori Group Leaders, including Te Harakeke model, featuring the parenting pyramid and explains the alignment between Māori tikanga and the Core Skills embodied in the programme,

Bilingual Poster – the Incredible Years parenting pyramid within a branded Nga Tau Miharo O Aotearoa background – featuring one side in English, the other in Māori (translation provided in consultation with Māori Reference Group).

Postcard -  a simple promotional tool for Ngā Tau Mīharo ō Aotearoa

He Whiria, He Whatu – Māori Accreditation Workbook – a tool to support Māori accreditees to weave together tikanga and core Incredible Years skills in their delivery

Three dimensional parenting pyramid - an interactive tool in parent group delivery, featuring Te Reo Māori and English.  This pyramid is constructed to be foldable into a flat pack to facilitate transporting by group leaders.

Group Leader Guidelines for maximising use of existing resources  -  supporting information for Group Leaders suggesting ways to maximise the above resources during group delivery.

Group Leader Resource Kits – a portfolio kit for Group Leaders including the above resources to facilitate transportation and care of the resources during programme delivery.

Kaupapa Maori Accreditation Pathway – for all Maori group leaders working towards accreditation


Evaluation of resources

Māori evaluators, Kataraina Pipi and Kiri Paipa (FEM Research 2006 Ltd) were contracted to independently evaluate the effectiveness of the resources developed so far utilising a kaupapa Māori evaluation process.  This included an initial consultation with The Werry Centre, an online survey offered to all Māori trained in Incredible Years and a Hui facilitated by Kataraina and Kiri incorporating a kaupapa Māori process.  This process provided an opportunity for Māori group leaders to share their experiences of the current resources and any suggestions for further developments. A primary purpose for this evaluation was to inform further developments for Māori.

Highlights from the evaluation report (January 2013) are as follows:

  • Ngā Tau Mīharo Māori resource enhancements are appreciated, valued and very effective in supporting their use with whānau.
  • Māori Group Leaders indicate that the resources are supporting them in the weaving of the two world views of Tikanga Māori and the Incredible Years principles. Fidelity of both worldviews is recognised as being important and further work is required to increase the value, recognition and validation of tikanga Māori approaches.
  • Having the resources, alongside a clear commitment to further supporting Ngā Tau Mīharo Māori developments is contributing to Māori group leaders feeling supported and valued in their work and positively enabling better engagement with Māori whānau in the programme.


Further developments currently underway

Cultural Competency Framework for Accreditation: In consultation with the IY Maori Accreditation Working Group, further development of the Kaupapa Maori Accreditation Pathway to include a cultural competency framework is currently underway.

Online presence for Maori and Pacific Group Leaders:  The Werry Centre Website is currently reviewing the most effective forum to provide opportunities for Group Leaders to share ideas and practical tools for delivering the parenting programme.


Developments for Pacific Incredible Years


The number of Pacific group leaders seeking training and accreditation in Incredible Years has been steadily growing. The positive outcomes achieved for Pacific families attending Incredible Years has led to a surge in interest and visibility of the programme within the Pacific community.  The annual Pacific Fono for trained group leaders has provided an opportunity to share experiences of delivering the programme to Pacific families, and to consider how Group leaders can incorporate a uniquely Pacific flavour to ensure they are engaging with and meeting the needs of Pacific.

The recommendations from the annual pacific fono have been to build on the success of the enhancements for Māori by developing Pacific-themed resources and cultural support. In acknowledgement of the diversity of Pacific peoples in New Zealand, recommendations have been that all resources should feature translations into the main Pacific ethnicities in New Zealand - Samoan, Cook Island, Tongan and Niue.  These developments are led and guided by the Incredible Years Pacific Working Group comprised of experienced Pacific Group Leaders.


Consultation Process

Consultation has included Pacific from a range of ethnicities –

  • Pacific Advisory Group
  • Pacific group leaders at annual fono
  • IY Pacific Working Group


Resources and Programme Enhancements

Parenting pyramid poster - featuring a Pacific theme and translated into the four main Pacific ethnicities – Samoan, Cook Island, Tongan, Niuean

Pacific Accreditation Pathway – for all Pacific group leaders working towards accreditation

Further developments will be considered by the Working Group in consultation with the Werry Centre.  All subsequent developments will align with the Pacific-themed branding created with this first phase of resources.

Page last updated 20th August 2014.