Incredible Years


Managers of organisations involved in the delivery of Incredible Years provide a critical support role in ensuring the best outcomes are achieved from this programme. Group Leaders need ongoing support and advocacy. This will range from provision of appropriate resources to ensuring they are released to attend follow up workshops on skill development. The following information outlines organisational and group leader requirements for effective delivery of this programme.

Peer Coaches

Peer Coaches are experienced and accredited Group Leaders who have been trained to provide support and coaching to others in the delivery of The Incredible Years® programme. Peer Coaches advocate for the importance of programme fidelity with Group Leaders. Using a collaborative approach, Peer Coaches explore with Group Leaders challenges they might be having in their parent group sessions. They discuss and practise possible solutions they might use.

Group Leaders

The Incredible Years® parent programme is delivered to parents by two trained Group Leaders in weekly group sessions. Group Leaders should have some experience and qualification in working with families and children prior to delivering this programme. Group Leaders work together in group sessions to share and explore the programme content with parents using a collaborative model.

Workshop Overview

Basic Training

The first step to deliver Incredible Years parenting groups is to attend a 3-day training, which is delivered by two Accredited Mentors. This provides Group Leaders with the skills required to facilitate Incredible Years groups to parents.

This workshop is intended for professionals who are working with families of young children (including those with significant behavioural difficulties) and who wish to deliver The Incredible Years® parenting programme.

This 3-day Incredible Years® Training Workshop will provide: