Programme Fidelity

Why become Accredited?

Research has demonstrated that Incredible Years programmes are most effective when delivered with adherence to the protocols developed by Carolyn Webster Stratton and are responsive to the unique cultural environments within which they are delivered. Gaining accreditation as a group leader is the best way to ensure programme fidelity and provision of the most effective intervention for family/whānau. The process of upskilling is likely to enhance practice in other interventions through increased competence in skills which apply generally to family support work. This can lead to a wider positive impact, such as developing confidence and skills in team members to support others in working collaboratively with families, and in using an evidence-based approach.

Group leaders commit to continuous skills development through an ongoing cycle of reflective practice. The key elements of programme fidelity are:

  • Delivering the programme content in entirety and in correct sequence
  • Using IY resources, such as the vignettes on DVD
  • Collaborative skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Balancing a structured approach with being responsive
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Setting up opportunities to practice skills
  • Mediating filmed segments to facilitate discussion
  • Capturing parents ideas as general parenting principles
  • Explaining and supporting home activities
  • Assisting parents to set and achieve goals
  • Reflective practice


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The roadmap shows the steps for Accreditation.

  • Compile documentary evidence from 2 parent programmes (weekly checklist/parent weekly and final evaluations/2 peer evaluations/2 self-evaluations can all be found within the Accreditation (Certification) Portfolio
  • Attendance at a Consultation Day 
  • Complete IY USA Certification (Accreditation) application form (including a 1 page application letter and 2 references)
  • Complete Background Questionnaire for Group Leaders
  • Submission of a filmed session to an Incredible Years Mentor for formal review to Incredible Years USA*

*As part of an initiative to achieve more Māori and Pacific group leader accreditations, Werry Workforce Whāraurau offers additional cultural support and NZ-based accreditation reviews for a number of Māori and Pacific group leaders. Contact us for more information.